Zack Friedman - Top Technology Keynote Speaker

Zack Friedman is an electrifying keynote speaker on leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, growth and peak performance, and will create a custom keynote that offers his unique perspectives on the technology sector.

Through engaging storytelling and real-world examples, Zack isolates the key factors that significantly drive innovation, creativity and energy for every audience.

Zack understands what it takes to build a successful venture. A fintech expert, Zack is the Founder & CEO of Mentor, a leading online financial marketplace where you can shop for loans and credit cards from anywhere.

Millions of people rely on Zack for advice as an inspirational thought leader. Through his regular advice in Forbes, Zack Friedman is known for making his business insights simple, practical and empowering.

Zack combines his deep experience as an entrepreneur, investor, executive and author to deliver inspiring, motivational and actionable keynotes that drive results for your upcoming event.

Zack is the ideal speaker to share his insights and analysis on multiple aspects of building a successful technology company, including business model, growth, marketing, finance, customer acquisition and retention, human capital, business development, partnerships and the importance of teambuilding, among other topics. Zack is also focused on driving innovation, building a lasting company culture and how to hire the right teams.

A Wharton MBA and Harvard alum, Zack shares his thought-provoking leadership lessons and fresh insights on leadership, transformational change and peak performance that will inspire you and your team to take action.

Top 10 Reasons Why Zack Friedman Is The Ideal Speaker

1. Results

Zack’s speeches are results-oriented. You will gain practical next steps that you can begin to implement immediately.

2. Inspiring

Zack is an inspiring speaker who uses clear examples and epic stories to energize you to conquer challenges with a fresh perspective.

3. Impactful

Zack wants to help you to create meaningful impact. Zack’s practical playbook will help audiences achieve transformational change.

4. Engaging

Zack’s enthusiasm is compelling and his speeches are truly an experience, the effects of which last beyond his keynote.

5. Practical

Zack is focused on delivering practical tools, techniques and frameworks. His advice is real-world and actionable to help you and your organization excel.

6. Experienced

An experienced entrepreneur, investor, CEO and columnist, Zack delivers substantive, real-world keynotes that are rich in detail and depth.

7. Energy

Zack is high energy and high impact. His electrifying keynotes will keep you engaged, entertained and inspired.

8. Interactive

A natural collaborator, Zack believes in creating an interactive experience with audience participation.

9. Custom

Zack wants to learn about your organization’s mission, goals, audience and objectives to create a custom keynote that is tailored to achieve maximum results.

10. Entertaining

Zack is a perfect balance between substantive and entertaining. He keeps audiences engaged through captivating story-telling and insider perspectives, while delivering unique insights to drive innovation.

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